Posted by: Sound Organizing | December 21, 2010


Organizing is not just limited to the arrangement of material possessions. The process also extends to time and schedule management, help with habit building, chores, and anything that can be done to help keep life running smooth and as trouble-free as possible.
Many clients have trouble with mail and I addressed this issue in another post.  Everyone knows that by reducing unwanted mail, it makes sorting the remaining mail easier and quicker.  But did you know we can extend that to cell phone calls and text messages as well?
This morning I received several annoying spam texts. A few weeks ago, I received numerous calls from various persistent sales people, of whom I had no prior business partnership with. Thinking these calls could be potential clients, I naturally answered them.  Cell phone spam eventually adds up to lost time and money but it can be stopped.
Just like the opt-out for junk mail, the following links are for your phone. There are also ways to file complaints if you continue to receive spam or calls. It will take a few minutes of your time but in the long run it will be worth it.
First, contact the national do not call registry and sign up. It’s fast, easy, and registry does not expire.
Second,browse the information on the Washington State Attorney General site. They have great advice, links, and state laws.                                    Finally, go to the FCC site to file a complaint against a business or individual who texts, calls, or sends unwanted information to your phone.


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