Posted by: Sound Organizing | February 2, 2011


Bathrooms are the one space that people generally overlook when organizing.  They quickly become over-run with clutter. Here are a few steps and tips to get your bathroom in order.

1.  Remove the contents of  the drawers and cupboards.  As you do this, be on the look out for items and containers that are expired, dried up, went unused for six months, or you simply do not like.  Look for duplicates of certain items.  Do you really need three or four nail clippers?

2. Take the remaining toiletries to the dining room table or other work surface and sort into categories: makeup, first aid, hair care, oral care, etc.

3.  Decide where the categories will be housed.  Do you like everyone out of site or on the counter? Use containers of your choice to keep the items together.  The items you use often should be stored in easy reach. If you find yourself running out of room or getting too crowded, it’s a sign that you may still have too much stuff.  Consider doing another once over. 

4.  It is not recommended to store perfumes, vitamins, medicines including cold nd flu care, in the bathroom.  Heat and humidity can deteriorate the effectiveness off the drugs and perfume. 

5.  If you bathroom is not equipped with adequate storage space, a linen or hall closet is perfect for overflow, linens, medications, and the first aid kit.  But make sure that space has been cleared of clutter beforehand!

6.  Do a thorough cleaning of hair brushes, combs, and make up brushes or consider replacing.  Replace toothbrushes and razors with fresh, new ones.  And do a good cleaning of the rest of the bathroom.

7.  Before you go out and buy more of something, use up what you have first.

8.  Do a bathroom overhaul two-three times a year to keep up on expired cosmetics and other toiletries.


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