Posted by: Sound Organizing | March 3, 2011


It may feel more like spring in other areas of the country, but in Seattle, it still feels like winter.  Nonetheless, spring is upon us and it’s time to get more organized.  This week we will look at the dreaded paper file.

Since I am sure everyone has completed and filed their tax returns by now (!) this would be a great time to purge those files and paper.

Toss, shred, or recycle:
-Expired coupons or outdated event fliers
-Old bills that have been paid.  Typically the normal person does not need to keep many years worth of heating bills.
-Other paperwork that is no longer needed, wanted, or useful.

If you are an information junkie, consider revisiting your collection of articles, snippets of information, etc.  Do a purge and organize the remaining information into relevant categories and files.

Collect your kid’s school and art work and other related material and organize into a binder, keepsake box, or file purging as you go.  It’s okay not to hang on to every single finger painting your child made.

Address your mail situation and consider cutting down on catalogs, junk mail, and sign up for online banking, e-statements, etc.  For more information see the related post.

Are you a scrapper? Not a scrapbooker but a writer of notes and phone numbers on anything available?  This is the time to collect those scraps and turn them into something more cohesive, say an address book or a master to-do list.

Speaking of address books, this would be the ideal time to update your contacts both electronically and manually. Let us be reminded that no matter how great technology is, it fails. Always have a backup especially when it comes to your contact information. Take the time and copy this information into a tangible hard-copy. You will be glad you did.

Go around your house and address all the paper you have and do a once-over purge and reorganizing. Include your recipe files, greeting cards and letters, work-related memos, and so forth. Do not forget to include an electronic purge of old emails and such.


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