Posted by: Sound Organizing | March 16, 2011


Continuing with the spring theme, this week we will move to the wardrobe.  Take all your winter clothes, including outer-wear (coats, shawls, gloves, etc) and pile them all up on your bed.  Separate them into items to keep, donate, dry-clean and/or repair.

Resurrect your hibernating spring and summer wardrobe and do a once over of those items.  Consider donating those you no longer like or don’t think you will wear.  Replace or update your seasonal wardrobe as needed just don’t go overboard with the shopping.  Clean, press, and refresh your clothes and you’re ready to head into the warmer months.

If you have kids, do the same with their clothes.  Since kids outgrow their clothes quite rapidly, there probably won’t be many items to store or resurrect unless you are saving their old clothes for another child or baby.  Many parents have nostalgic attachments to their children’s clothes.  Consider getting a bin to store some keepsake clothing such as their first pair of shoes but exercise restraint.

For more helpful ways to organize and sort clothing, see this post.


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