Posted by: Sound Organizing | March 30, 2011


If you live in the dreary Pacific Northwest, your car has probably been neglected all winter long.  It’s time pay some attention to your faithful ride.

Here’s a spring organizing and cleaning checklist for your vehicle:

-Clean the inside and out.

-Consider getting an over the seat organizer for maps, notebooks, or work-related items if you use your car a lot for business.

-Get a trunk organizer for groceries and other items.

-Make sure your vehicle is equipped with emergency supplies.  See link here for more information. Even though this information is for winter driving, you can modify some of the supplies for spring/summer driving.  Make sure the batteries are still good, swap out any bottles of water for fresh ones, do the same if you have snacks and emergency food on hand.

-Make sure the lights, turn signals, etc are functioning.

-Replace windshield wipers and top off the windshield fluid reservoir.

-Change your oil and check or top off other fluids

-Inspect and rotate the tires.

-Keep a vehicle notebook in the glove compartment that contains important auto information: mechanic contact information, insurance information, and emergency phone numbers.  Note the type of bulbs, fuses, and parts that your car takes.  As crazy as it may sound, jot down your license plate number. It is amazing how many people do not know their plate number.

-Consult your owner’s manual for any upcoming routine maintenance that needs to be done and get it scheduled.

-Don’t let your kid’s toys or dog accessories live in the backseat. Clean it up and take them out.

-Make it a habit of emptying your car every day.  A cluttered car is an invitation for thieves even with an alarm system.

-Did you know in some states you can get a ticket for not having a litter bag? It’s true. Invest in one and use it.




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