Posted by: Sound Organizing | April 11, 2011


The garage can become neglected during the hibernating season.  Throw open the garage door and windows if you have them and do a once-over.  Here is your to-do checklist:

-HAZ-MAT  Properly dispose of old chemicals, motor oil, paints, etc. Store remaining chemicals together preferably off the floor and away from children and pets. Propane should be stored at least ten feet away from the house and never inside the garage.

-SECURE large or sharp tools and ladders.

-CHECK the fire/smoke alarm and points of entry to the garage. Make sure you have the proper security in place.

-CATEGORIZE the contents of your garage. Some common categories include: camping/sports equipment, tools, paint, home maintenance, laundry, car care, long-term storage of items such as memorabilia, toys, seasonal clothes. Make a list of your garage categories and group everything together in their proper categories. As you do, conduct a once-over and discard or donate unwanted or broken  items.

-STORE  the items you are keeping. You may want to use water proof plastic bins or shelves or a combination of the two. Those you use on a regular basis need to be accessible and easy to find.

-FREEZER BURN If you have a freezer or a second fridge in the garage, this would be a great time to revisit and rotate the contents.

-CLEAN & REPAIR tools such as the lawn mower, weed eater, and so forth.

-ENJOY the rewards of an organized garage by firing up the grill and taking the bikes for a spin!


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